About Us


Began manufacturing hospital plastics, including our signature blue bedpan. Expanded the offering to include plastic dinnerware. Developed a line of hospital admission kits.


Entered the corrections market with a line of plastic dinnerware. Established a national sales organization. Awarded a GSA contract for sales to federal government. Introduced a series of product innovations including co- polymer material and high temperature trays. Entered Canadian market.


Sales of sporks reach 1 million per year. Developed the unique drying racks with inserts. Introduced a line of meal delivery carts compatible with JZ dinnerware to complete a ‘system solution’. Developed the MaxFlex line of safety dinnerware.


Developed the Spoondle portion control and the Build-a-tray custom tray products. Entered Mexican market. Began new ownership as a standalone business. Developed Re•cover line of patient experience admission kits.

JonesZylon is committed
to doing two things very well

We strive to be superior at all of the aspects of getting our customers what they need when they need it so they can do their job. This starts with friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful Customer Service. Our customers get the information they need quickly and accurately and they have an advocate that will understand what is needed and then make it happen. Excellent service also requires product availability. We accomplish this with precise inventory levels and industry leading lead times. Our customers can count on us to deliver on our promises. Finally, good service requires satisfactory resolution of issues. We stand behind our products and will go to great lengths to make every customer delighted that they chose JonesZylon.
Truly valuable innovation comes from first-hand knowledge of the customers’ work environment. How do they do their job? What problems are they trying to work around? JonesZylon has representatives in the field where customers use our products across the country. This gives us a unique perspective when it comes to new product development. We pride ourselves on the fact that we come up with a new, problem-solving product every quarter to help our customers succeed at what they are doing. JonesZylon is where customers come to look for novel solutions to persistent problems.