Eating Utensils

ItemDescriptionCopolyPCSizeBuffOrangeYellowCase Qty
JonesZylon K 7 Safety KnifeK-7 Safety Knife 6-7/8"360
JonesZylon F 7 Safety ForkF-7 Safety Fork 6-7/8"360
JonesZylon OB 6 Safety SpoonOB-6 Safety Spoon 6-1/2"360
JonesZylon SF 7 Safety SporkSF-7 Safety Spork 6-1/2"360
JonesZylon PPK 8 BIG GRIP™ KnifePPK-8 BIG GRIP™ Knife 8-1/2"432
JonesZylon PPF 7 BIG GRIP™ ForkPPF-7 BIG GRIP™ Fork 7-1/4"432
JonesZylon PPSS 6 BIG GRIP™ Soup SpoonPPSS-6 BIG GRIP™ Soup Spoon 6-1/4"432
JonesZylon PPTS 6 BIG GRIP™ Tea SpoonPPTS-6 BIG GRIP™ Tea Spoon 6-1/8"432
JonesZylon PCK 8 BIG GRIP™ KnifePCK-8 BIG GRIP™ Knife 8-1/2"432
JonesZylon PCF 7 BIG GRIP™ ForkPCF-7 BIG GRIP™ Fork 7-3/8"432
JonesZylon PCSS 6 BIG GRIP™ Soup Spoon PCSS-6 BIG GRIP™ Soup Spoon 6-1/4""432
JonesZylon PCTS 6 BIG GRIP™ Tea Spoon PCTS-6 BIG GRIP™ Tea Spoon 6-1/4""432
JonesZylon PCSF 7 Polycarbonate SporkPCSF-7 Polycarbonate Spork 6-5/8""360

Safety flatware features

Designed with a narrow neck to provide just enough strength to support a scoop of food yet too weak and flexible to easily be used as a weapon. The beaded edge provides for an easier grip.

BIG GRIP™ features

It’s as close as you can come to the heavy, rigid feel of real silverware. These comfortable-to-grip utensils feature handles that are thick and textured with ergonomic shapes.
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